Happy 1st Birthday Kormik Bleu!

Kormik Bleu turns 1 this coming Wednesday, August 27th, but we celebrated with family and friends this past Sunday! Normally, we celebrate birthdays with just our immediate family because otherwise that would be a lot of parties with our big crew! 1st birthdays tend to be a little different. Traditionally, we have always had big 1st birthday parties for every single kiddo!

Kormik has been sick lately, but he cheered up a bit for his big day! We celebrated in our back yard by the treehouse. We had a pizza party, ate cupcakes and ice cream, watched K. Bleu open his presents, and hit a pinata! It was definitely a memorable day for all in attendance.

Lately, I have started each birthday celebration post with the birthday kid’s birthday photos, but we took Kormik Bleu’s a little earlier than the rest. We needed photos for his birthday party invitations after all! If you missed that blog post look HERE!




^ Kormik Bleu’s birthday romper was made by our friend Kristin again from ThisPlaidShirt! My super silly mom decided last minute that she didn’t really love the color scheme she initially picked out for his romper and Kristin changed it for her! I absolutely love how it turned out! It’s perfect for him!

IMG_2006 IMG_2008 IMG_2010 IMG_2013 IMG_2016 IMG_2048

^ A birthday party isn’t complete without decorations! Our decorating crew blew up a few balloons before the party started. Who would have thought these chosen ones would have the most hot air?! I’m really not surprised!



^ Kai Maverick enjoying celebrating his uncle’s birthday party. Check out those big blue eyes!




^ Kormik swinging with his big brother Brennen!



^ Kormik hanging out with Grandma!


^ Kullen Anton being super sneaky and tapping on each of K. Bleu’s presents! Caught you Kullen!

IMG_2066 IMG_2068 IMG_2073 IMG_2106

^ Did I mention that there was a lot of volleyball? That net is a huge hit lately!


^ Obrion gets really into each volleyball game. Perhaps that’s because she just made the Varsity Volleyball team as a 9th grader! Go Obrion!



^ Kormik starting to open his presents with the help of Dad!

IMG_2123 IMG_2125

^ Everyone gathered around in a big circle watching Kormik!


^ Brennen & Sylvia got Kormik a toy police car that made noise and he loved it!


^ Who knew that boxes could be so interesting to a 1-year-old! He wanted nothing to do with any other presents after he had that box in his hands. Silly boy!

^ Those t-shirts that Dad is holding up were made by Kristin of ThisPlaidShirt for Kormik’s birthday present! They are so cute! I love the color patterns of this first and the shark on the second!


^ Matayah & Mavis watching the presents being open together.



^ Obrion & Taegan! There’s always a silly photo and sometimes a nice one in there too!

IMG_2151 IMG_2152

^ Kormik playing on his new drum while Dad was reading one of his cards!



^ Before & After! A beautiful group of girls and then Taegan throws a pile of grass at Obrion!



^ Kormik got his first ever 4-wheeler! It’s a Tolo toy!


^ Kormik Bleu waiting for his special birthday cake just for him! Doesn’t he look so sweet in his Stokke?!

IMG_2206 IMG_2207 IMG_2210

^ The little man had no idea what to do when we set his cake in front of him. He just stared at it! It was adorable!



^ Everyone gathered around Kormik after we all sang “Happy Birthday!”

IMG_2220 IMG_2230

^ For each 1st birthday, we have a special cake made just for the birthday kiddo. We let him/her make a big mess when eating it all by themselves. It’s always a delight to watch it unfold! For a little guy that has been sick lately, he did great!





^ The after effects of Kormik eating his birthday cake! Look at that super cute messy face!

IMG_2282 IMG_2285

^ After cake and ice cream, we started hitting the pinata! I took so many pictures just from the pinata! I’m not going to share them all because I think there’s about a hundred of them. Oops! Everyone got a chance to hit the pinata from the youngest to the oldest!



^ Mathias was the absolute funniest when it came to him attempting to hit the pinata! Cory spun him around so many times and he just kept hitting in the wrong direction! I wish I recorded a video of this. If anything at all, Matayah’s huge smile in the background explains it all!


^ Kormik Bleu watching everyone with Mom!



^ After all of the kiddos hit the pinata, Dad & Cory thought they needed a turn too! Check out those action shots! This pinata took quite a beating!

Overall, the weather was beautiful and the company was even better! I believe that I can speak for everyone in attendance when I say it was a great day of love and celebration! Happy 1st Birthday Kormik Bleu! I still can’t believe you’re 1!

Love your biggest sister,


Happy 9th Birthday Menzo & Mavis!

Menzo Lukas & Mavis Nevaeh turned 9-years-old yesterday! How is that possible?! The big twins are 9?! Menzo and Mavis spent their 9th birthday celebrating at home with family. They played outside even though it felt more like a fall day than the middle of August, made and ate yummy desserts, opened their presents and lots more! Here are some of the photos from their birthday photoshoot and from their 9th birthday celebration!


^As soon as I arrived to my parent’s house to celebrate Menzo and Mavis’s birthday, Menzo almost instantly demands when we’re going to take their birthday photos! How many 9-year-old boys do you know love to get their picture taken?! So, we took a trip together outback and did a little bit of adventuring!


^ Our family is super blessed to have a beautiful backdrop right behind our house! Also, remember how the little twins held hands in their birthday photos? Well, I suppose when you turn 9-years-old you’re too cool for that anymore! They refused!


^ Mavis did attempt to give her twin a big smooch on the cheek, but Menzo did not like that! She used to be able to get away with it!


^ The three of us all wore our Minnetonka’s during the photoshoot!

IMG_1729 IMG_1731


^ Once Mavis realized that I was snapping a few photos of their behinds while they were looking at the water, she stuck her booty our at me! Then surprisingly Menzo did too! It was so fast though and he thought I wouldn’t be quick enough to get that picture! He thought wrong! Silly Menzo!


^ Our birthday shirts were done by our friend Kristin! Check out her Etsy shop and new Instagram – ThisPlaidShirt! She always makes us the best stuff! She also makes over the top hair bows, baby onesies and leg warmers! I’m convinced that she can make anything though! Kristin also has 8 beautiful kiddos! Thank you again for our shirts Kristin!



^ Apparently Mavis is quite determined to smooch her twin during this photoshoot! Menzo is equally determined to not let it happen! Twin love!


^ We can’t forget to add Mom & Dad to our birthday photoshoot!



^ There’s never ever a shortage of silly pictures in this crew! It’s always a necessity!

^ Menzo & Mavis lovin’ on their daddy!

^ I didn’t post the photo of Mom & Dad struggling to get these two on their backs! Shh! It was super entertaining! Is that what happens when you get old?!

^ Menzo & Mavis starting to make their desserts! Their faces are priceless! Menzo got to crack an egg for the first time and was amazed! Mavis messed up her recipe once and had to recheck to instructions.


^ Kormik Bleu had to assist in the dessert baking! Obviously!


^ Menzo picked a fancy dessert for his birthday! It’s a chocolate cake in a flan pan with chocolate pudding and cool whip mix. The best part is the Reese’s Pieces topping! It was yummy!


^ Mavis had a two-layer funfetti cake with frosting! She decorated the outside of it with M&M’s in the shapes of “M’s” and butterflies!

IMG_1822 IMG_1828

^ We did presents outside in a big circle so everyone could see!

^ Menzo & Mavis each got 3 presents – including new sleeping bags! Hey Mom, is 2014 the year of the sleeping bags?!


^ I couldn’t resist posting this photo of Mavis kissing her new Ken doll! She’s constantly doing funny things when someone has a camera in their hands!

^ Meanwhile, the big boys are entertaining the little boys! After presents Dad made Menzo & Mavis’s birthday dinner! They picked homemade pizzas! It was delicious!



^ Everyone sang “Happy Birthday” to Menzo first because after all he was born first!



^ Mavis was next! She blew out all 9 of her candles!


Happy 9th Birthday Menzo & Mavis! I hope the two of you had a fantastic birthday! 9-years-old is such a big deal! Happy Happy Birthday to our big twins!




A Family Field Trip!

This past Monday afternoon the entire family went on a field trip to Kullen’s friend Braxton’s house to see his horses. Gina, Emily, Mason and Braxton welcomed our crew into their barn and arena with open arms. Kullen was especially giddy the entire trip because he got to bring his brothers and sisters to his friend’s house. It was a pretty special moment for him. Kullen even looked like he belonged at a farm when he was wearing Braxton’s brother’s cowboy hat! Now, Dad’s only stipulation with us going to see the horses is that we weren’t allowed to ask for any of our own afterwards! We already have “horses with motors” – AKA fourwheelers!



^ Not only did Kullen look great in the cowboy hat, but the view from the barn and arena was wonderful! Perfect for a few photos, right?! I couldn’t help myself.

IMG_1601 IMG_1604

^ Zekiel looked smashing too! The hat, view and his smile makes a perfect capture!



^ I grabbed Rowyn to take a few photos for me too. It’s much easier to grab little kids because big kids are too picky with their pictures!


^ When we first arrived, Gina gave us a tour of the barn. She also told us a few interesting things about each horse and rules on how to stay safe amongst these big beautiful creatures!


^ An instant favorite was Braxton’s pony! Everyone loved Sunshine!

IMG_1492 IMG_1493

^ We learned how to brush the horses and get them ready to put their saddles on.


^ Taegan rode one of the horses first! She was basically a natural!



^ My boyfriend Cory grew up with horses. While Gina went back into the barn to saddle another horse, Cory got the privilege of leading for awhile.

IMG_1543 IMG_1544 IMG_1547

^ Menzo looked super fly riding the horse with the helmet on!


^ Before we began riding the horses in the arena, Zander strictly said that he wasn’t going to ride them. Well, Cory made him do it!



^ Don’t Rowyn & Zekiel look darling riding Sunshine?!



^ After Cory rode around the arena for a few, Zander insisted that because Cory made him ride that I had to give it a go too. Don’t get me wrong horses are gorgeous and everything, but definitely not my thing. I’d rather keep my own two feet on the ground. Zander was really persistent so I went around the arena twice, but only with Cory leading the horse. Darn brothers!


^ After Dad got out of work, he met us here. Dad also grew up with horses too! He hasn’t rode one in a long time, but he said it’s something you never really forget. One of his brother’s father-in-law has a stable that Dad believes boards up to 300 horses!


^ In the meantime, while everyone else was waiting for their turn to ride a horse, there was plenty to keep us occupied!



^ There was lots of Mason & Braxton’s toys around the arena that they let us play with. Gina & Emily also had drink boxes waiting for us in a cooler! I bet you can’t guess how many times we had to yell at kiddos for trying to sneak into that cooler for seconds and thirds. Endless!


^ The kiddos obviously played in the dirt! It isn’t easy passing up an arena-sized “sand box!”




^ Menzo, Braxton and Mavis!



^ Big brother Zander showed Kormik Bleu around because what else are big brothers for?!

^ Rowyn & Rizlee are not getting into mischief here because they would never ever do such a thing!


^ Rowyn also thought it was great to try on the helmet!


^ Kullen was touching things he wasn’t supposed to so Emily put him to work as punishment! He had to clean up all of the drink pouches using this red wheelbarrow. He was way too cute in the process.




^ Miss Matayah Raine found this kitten and could not put the poor thing down the entire time we were visiting! Dad figured we would have a problem with kiddos wanting horses after this trip, but in reality Matayah just wanted this kitten. She even named it Moe! It’s silly because Dad has a strict “a good cat is a dead cat” motto. Dad grew up on a farm and can’t stand cats now. He’s basically passed this motto onto all of us – except Matayah!





^ The kiddos even went to the top of the barn where the hay is stored to locate more cats! Needless to say, they were all hiding from them! I don’t think I blame them either. A barn and arena isn’t complete without kittens and cats though!



^ Obrion absolutely adored the horses. Abbey was her favorite, but there was another with the same name as her too – Ob!



^ Menzo & Mavis got to help Gina get Sunshine ready to pull the little kiddos around in the wagon.



^ It was so cute watching the little kids ride together in Sunshine’s wagon! Sunshine did great!

^ It wouldn’t be a typical day around horses without having poop in the mix! Emily had to pick up Sunshine’s poop out of the arena!


^ Kullen and his best buddy Braxton riding together in the wagon!



^ After all of the riding was finished, the stalls had to be cleaned!



^ While the kids were cleaning the stalls the horses were let out. I still can’t get over how beautiful the view was here!


^ A group shot with Braxton taken by Emily! I’m convinced that Zander hid behind that beam on purpose too.


^ I saved the best photo of the field trip for last. I don’t even know how to caption it but it’s perfection! Rizlee had to go potty and when you’re on a farm there’s no place else to go but outside! Big sister Taegan helped her out too! I went to take a picture and definitely didn’t expect them both to be smiling right at me! The cat in it just seals the deal.

I hope you enjoyed a few glimpses of our field trip to the farm! A huge thank you to Gina, Emily, Mason and Braxton for having us! We can’t wait until our next visit!

Much love,